Grounded on the World-class principles of Operational Excellence, Tempo Consulting offers a full range of Operational Excellence and Business Improvement services.                                

Full Transformation               

A paradigm shift for the entire organization enabling you to achieve new levels of performance for your business.

Working together to identify your specific needs and goals, we utilize our fact-based, data-driven philosophy to help you implement a transformational lean enterprise solution, while gaining support and acceptance by engaging your entire team in the development of the program.


Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) 

Hoishin Kanri is a proven strategy development and execution methodology focused setting priorities and deploying resources properly, to achieve the most value driven workstream.

Tempo will facilitate and coach your executive team in the use of this powerful, strategic lean enterprise tool in order to achieve your strategic goals.

Value Stream Transformation (VSM)

Value stream mapping is the standard assessment tool of all lean sigma transformations.

We will train and facilitate key members of your team to not only be proficient in the use of this powerful tool, but to actively embrace the importance of change and successfully drive improvements within your organization.


Focused Continuous Improvement through Kaizen


We will help you build Lean practices capabilities into your entire team, from Senior Leadership to key frontline employees. Tempo offers a complete Lean Sigma Toolkit to help you along your continuous improvement journey including:

— A3 Problem-Solving                                          — Cellular Manufacturing

— 6S  Workplace Organization                            — Pull/Kanban Systems

— Quick Changeover                                              — Total Productive Maintenance

— Standard Work                                                    — Line Balancing (Heijunka)

Utilizing a specific issue identified by you, we will train, coach, and facilitate your team to achieve the desired results and to ingrain the principles learned throughout your organization!